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Offshore 2020. Perception and Reality: Forces driving the offshore industry Report

Написано admin в 28 ноября, 2013. Опубликовано в Offshore world and money-laundering


A Hong Kong-based offshore services firm surveyed more than 200 bankers, consultants and lawyers to learn the extent of the damage that ICIJ’s Offshore Leaks investigation had caused to their industry. “The scandal has created a crisis of confidence in the industry,” the respondents said. The solution? More public relations and lobbyists please!

Grave Secrecy. A Report by Global Witness (Offshore schemes)

Написано admin в 26 июля, 2013. Опубликовано в Offshore world and money-laundering


It is so easy to set up a company with hidden ownership in Britain that even a dead man can do it. Global Witness’s new investigative report Grave Secrecy shows the potential for companies in the UK, New Zealand and elsewhere to be used as cover to launder the proceeds of corruption, tax evasion and other crimes. It is based on an investigation into a Central Asian bank at the centre of major money laundering allegations, but the findings are much broader, highlighting the shocking inadequacy of how some of the world’s major economies monitor the registration of companies. Kyrgyzstan’s largest bank, AsiaUniversalBank (AUB), was nationalised and found by the authorities to be insolvent after a revolution overthrew the regime of President Bakiyev in April 2010.


Joahna Alcindor and Cinthia Alcindor are initial directors of shell offshore companies, which were suspected in money-laundering.

Offshore financial centers

Написано admin в 9 июля, 2013. Опубликовано в Offshore world and money-laundering


Useful book (Полезная книга):

Шэксон Н.- Люди, обокравшие мир, 2012 / Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men who Stole the World Download (Скачать)

Useful link: The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists





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